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battlemented, canaliculate, canaliculated, chamfered, channeled, chopped, corduroy, corduroyed, corrugate, corrugated, costate, crenate, crenated, crenellated, crenulate, crimped, cut, dadoed, dentate, dentated, embrasured, engraved, erose, fluted, furrowed, gashed, goffered, gouged, grooved, incised, indented, jagged, jaggy, lacerate, lacerated, nicked, notched, pleated, rabbeted, ribbed, rifled, rutted, rutty, saw-toothed, sawlike, scalloped, scratched, serrate, serrated, serrulated, slit, striated, sulcate, sulcated, toothed, troughed, wrinkled

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.

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